This week’s music offering is our Valentine video, and welcome to our new Rector and her family. The artwork is from our intergenerational Valentine making project, and the anthem, For the Beauty of the Earth, by John Rutter, is sung by members of our choir. Please enjoy “A Valentine Wish” for our parish and the beautiful words of the hymn. “Lord of all to Thee we raise, this our joyful hymn of praise.” F.S. Pierpoint

Written by Darlene James

3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Wish

  1. Daniel Taylor-Stypa says:

    Beautiful. Thank you to all involved in production.
    Welcome to Rev. Kate and her family to their new St. John’s family!
    Happy Heart’s Day! May all know the love of God and God’s Spirit through our graced ability to love.
    Blessings and gratitude for Rev. Linda’s guiding us and giving us God’s grace!
    Dan & David

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