Annual Parish
Meeting Information

Sunday, June 27, at 11:30 a.m. on Zoom

Annotated by-Laws of St. John’s

In the Spring of 2021, in collaboration with our new Rector, Kate Wesch+, a subcommittee of Vestry members worked to revise the parish by-laws. The newly revised by-laws reflect changes made with these primary goals in mind:

• Alignment with revised Diocesan canons
• Simplification to reflect parish practices
• Streamlining our annual meeting processes by combining the annual parish meeting (typically held in June) with the annual financial meeting (typically held in January)

The revised By-laws will be voted upon by the parish at the annual parish meeting in June.

As you review the revised By-laws, please note that Priest-in-Charge” has been added wherever “Rector” appears, “AFM”. Stands for Annual Financial Meeting and “A/V Participation” refers to Canon change to allow full participation in Parish Meetings when audio/visual devices allow for communication between members.