We are so pleased to have the oboe’s beautiful sound for our recording this week, Lent I. Barrett Seals, Senior Chief Musician with the Coast Guard, is playing a favorite Albinoni Adagio, and I accompanied on the organ.

Tomasso Albinoni was born in Venice in 1671 and started as a singer and violinist. However, he had a particular fondness for the oboe; it was a relatively new instrument to Italy at the time and was the first Italian to write oboe concertos. The oboe has a double reed and was developed from the shawm.

We are very grateful to Barrett Seals for joining us and once again sharing his talent with us.

Written by Darlene James

3 thoughts on “Albinoni Adagio

  1. Daniel Taylor-Stypa says:

    Grazie Darlene e Barret,
    Il duetto di Tomaso Albinoni, “Adagio” era bellissimo e traquillo. Apprezziamo i tuoi meravigliosi contributi musicali! 
    Magnifico! Brava!
    Mille grazie!

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