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Canticle 11, the Third Song of Isaiah (Isaiah 60, 1-3), has been our opening hymn of praise during Epiphany for many years at St. John’s. In fact, I’m sure many of you, and certainly, all of our choir members, know this scripture by heart. The familiar words “arise, shine, for your light has come” are set here to an original tune by Robert Lau.

Dr. Lau is an American composer of over 500 choral and keyboard works and an educator presenting numerous musical workshops and clinics in churches and organizations throughout the U.S.

The photos attached to this are of sunrises in Essex, and I hope it brings you thoughts of “rise and shine” to a new day and a new beginning. Good thought for the new year!

Our singers are Gerri Smith, soprano, Christine Woodside and Nancy Lewandowski, alto: Bill Chatman and Scott Konrad, bass: Darlene, piano.

We thank Scott for putting it together for us and giving our anthem some special effects.

Written by Darlene James

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Another beautiful offering.. you are all wonderful!

Beautiful and uplifting! Thank you!

I love this very beautiful and uplifting anthem! Thank you Darlene, Scott, Gerri, Chris, Nancy, and Bill! The Essex photo is beautiful too! Great song for Easter sunrise Service when we can all get back together again.

Lovely. Beautiful harmony. A joyful antidote to the pain and sadness this week has given so many of us. Thank you!

This is one of my faves. I’m sure it’ll be in my head all week. Thank you!!!

Beautiful singing voices combined to express this comforting and uplifting music . Thank you.

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