Chantal Hovendick, a clarinetist for the Coast Guard Band, has been a familiar face at St John’s for many years, and we are delighted to have her play for us this week for our music offering. It’s so nice to hear her clarinet after so many months, and we have missed her!

Our offering this week, Apres un Reve, is one of Gabriel Faure’s best-known songs. The text, a poem by Romaine Bussine, describes a beautiful dream fleeing toward divine light, and then a sad awakening.

Gabriel Faure (1845-1924) was a church organist, choirmaster, and music teacher which took most of his time. His works, which we so enjoy, were mostly composed on summer breaks. He was a founding member of the Societe Nationale de Musique, where many of his compositions were first presented.

We want to thank my son, Reade James, for making the time at the very last minute to stitch this music offering together for us. We promise to give you more notice to do the mixing next time.

If anyone in the congregation is interested in participating in our pre-recorded music offerings, we welcome you! Please email me at

One thought on “Apres un Reve

  1. Lee says:

    I listened the first time and was inspired to re-read this morning’s lessons and the commentary in Forward Movement. I stopped on Psalm 19:1 and let the music play as I thought about the words, starting so gently with Sunsets in the desert can be spectacular. As the music faded at the end, I recalled seeing the moon outside against the morning blue sky.

    I hope to learn more about this music. Thanks you for helping connect the sound and the words of scripture.

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