Chantal Hovendick, a clarinetist with the US Coast Guard Band, is playing Bach’s Celebrated Air for us this week, accompanied by me on the organ.

This is a beautiful melody, soothing, quiet, and peaceful, and is frequently requested for preludes at church services. If you have ever wondered about Air on a G String’s title, it simply means that the entire melody can be played on the lowest violin string, the G string.

Although this piece was originally written for strings and continuo, I think you will find it is equally lovely with a clarinet.
Thank you, Chantal, for playing for us, and thank you, Reade James, for putting the recording together.

Written by Darlene James

3 thoughts on “Celebrated Air or Air on a G String by J.S. Bach

  1. Daniel Taylor-Stypa says:

    Brava! Beautiful! Thank you Chantal, Darlene and Reade! Appreciative of your providing us with these pleasurable moments!

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