Senior Chief Musician Barrett Seals, oboist with the Coast Guard Band, brings us this week’s music offering, Gabriel’s Oboe. This piece, composed by Ennio Morricone, is the main theme for the 1986 film The Mission, which tells the story of 18th century Jesuit missionaries in South America who died defending Guarani Indians from Portuguese slavery. Morricone, an Oscar-winning composer of film scores, died this past summer at the age of 91. This particularly beautiful piece for oboe continues to be used in churches and recital halls as a favorite.

The organ accompaniment is on our own Noack at St John’s. Thank you, Barrett, for suggesting this lovely piece and bringing us Gabriel’s Oboe.

Written by Darlene James

One thought on “Gabriel’s Oboe

  1. Marlene Going says:

    Such a beautiful piece! I never knew the history or the name of it, but I have heard it a number of times, and it always touches something deep inside. Thank you both.

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