One of our many favorite Christmas carols is played for us this morning on 12 string guitar by Paul Loether. In the Bleak Midwinter first appeared in January of 1872 as a poem entitled, A Christmas Carol by British poet Christina Rossetti. In 1906, Gustav Holst (1874-1943) set it to an original tune, “Cranham,” and that setting appears in our hymnal at #112.

We thank Paul for sending us this recording and hope you enjoy it!

Photograph of poet, Christina Rossetti

Written by Darlene James

3 thoughts on “In the Bleak Midwinter

  1. Marlene Going says:

    The first time i remember hearing this piece was when it was included in a winter wedding for the Barry’s years ago while Hope Eakins was our Rector. Since then I have always enjoyed hearing it. My thanks to Paul for offering it this week.

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