Our music offering for Maundy Thursday is, as always, the work of many hands; Richard Pittsinger, tenor, at Julliard; Barrett Seals, oboe, at the U.S. Coast Guard; Julie Ribchinsky, cello, professor emeritus at Central Connecticut State University; and me at the harpsichord. Scott Konrad beautifully put the music together, and then Arielle Burke began using photos from families and parishioners. She also gathered religious icons from the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts, Icons of the Stations of the Cross from the Church of the Ascension in Knoxville, Tennessee, and works in the public domain in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to add images to the Bach aria. After many hours of work, we are pleased to offer this to you today, and we thank all those for giving of their time and talent to make it possible. Written by Darlene James

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