This week’s choral offering is O Sing Unto the Lord, one of the twelve Chandos Anthems by George F. Handel. It’s called a Chandos anthem because it was composed while Handel was a composer in residence for the First Duke of Chandos in 1748. The Chandos anthems are all based on psalms, and the text of this one comes from Psalm 96. All of the anthems were meant for use in Anglican Church services, and they are all smaller works for chamber settings. 

We tried something new this week and asked Senior Chief Musician Barrett Seals ( Coast Guard) to join us on oboe, and although my harpsichord is not tuned, we used the harpsichord selection on the electronic keyboard. Phred Mileski took the soprano solo, and Chris Woodside, Nancy Lewandowski, Jim Myslik and Scott Konrad sang the chorus. The final mixing, putting it all together, was well done again, by Scott. 

Each time we try something new, we learn a little more, and this week was no exception. Although Barrett has been playing at St John’s for many years, due to COVID, we have not heard him in months, and it was a real treat to have him play for us again. Thank you all for taking your time this week to make this lovely cheerful piece of our musical offering. 

One thought on “O Sing Unto the Lord – Handel

  1. Nancy King says:

    Excellent and joyful. Ah, JOY, remember that?!
    Love to you all with thanks!
    Nancy K.
    Oh fer goodness sake! They won’t allow me to send this if I don’t write my name (below), and e-mail ,and my mother’s maiden name…!!

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