Chantal Hovendick, a clarinetist with the Coast Guard, is often on the lookout for arrangements we can play, and she recently sent me this one with a Christmas card. I thought it was so peaceful that it might just be a nice piece for the Sunday after Christmas, and we are presenting it to you here.

As you have probably heard many times, Silent Night was composed by a young Austrian priest, Joseph Mohr, and set to a melody by Franz Gruber, choirmaster, in 1818. It was first sung in St. Nicholas parish in Oberndorf Salzburg, Austria. The tale of the organ being broken seems to be just that, a tale, but this beautiful folk song melody has been arranged for all instruments over the years. This version is by Daniel Kelly, pianist, French horn player, and composer with the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra and the Pasadena Symphony. He has also worked on motion pictures, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, etc.

My son Reade put this one together for us, and we thank him.

Written by Darlene James

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