The week after Easter is truly a week to recuperate. After arranging for in-person services, finishing up three videos with choir anthems and instrumentalists, and starting back to practice, I truly needed a break. However, Barrett Seals shared a wonderful aria from the St Matthew Passion that he did with a few other Coast Guard members, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to share it with you.

Barrett and Brianna Tarby are playing oboe d’amores in this offering. The oboe d’amore is a double-reed instrument, much like an oboe, but slightly larger. The tone is a little more mellow than an oboe, but still not an English horn.

The text of the aria is as follows:
I shall give my heart to you
Come down my Salvation and bury yourself within it. I shall bury myself in you
If the world is too small for you,
ah, then you alone to me shall
Be more than the world and heaven.

This recording was done in the Coast Guard chapel, and we have permission to bring it to you. Please enjoy!
Darlene James

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