From Top Left – Top Right: Christine Woodside, Darlene James, Choir Director & Organist, Nancy Lewandowski. From Bottom Left – Bottom Right: Gerri Smith, Richard Pittsinger, Scott Konrad

Teach Me O Lord, the Way of Thy Statutes  by Thomas Attwood

This week’s musical offering is our most ambitious yet! A classic soprano, alto, tenor and bass anthem that we all know and love, Teach Me O Lord, the Way of Thy Statutes by Attwood. We have added Gerri Smith, soprano and Richard Pittsinger, tenor to our wonderful altos Chris Woodside and Nancy Lewandowski, and Scott not only sang bass but did a little magic stitching it all together for us! Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are in the sanctuary.

Although many of Attwood’s works are not performed any longer, this motet is a standard for those of you who have sung in choirs for years, and you probably almost know it by heart. Thomas Attwood (1765-1838) was a pupil of Mozart, and was very active in the musical life of England in his time; chamber musician to the Prince of Wales, organist St. Paul’s Cathedral, professor at Royal College of Music. Although they say the text is taken from Psalm 119, it certainly is also connected to our psalm this Sunday, Psalm 86.

We are so pleased to be able to make this offering of music to you this Sunday and hope you will hear our choir and feel connected to St John’s. Putting these offerings together takes time and effort and we thank all who participated, Nancy, Chris, Gerri, Richard and especially Scott for knitting all the parts together. Not a quick or easy job! If anyone in our congregation is interested in either singing or helping with the recording, please email me. We are all pulling together to make this work and any comments and help are appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Teach Me O Lord, the Way of Thy Statutes

  1. Nancy King says:

    Thank you and Bravao!!(despite sound equipment). I yearn to hear it and see your smiley faces for real! Someday….
    Love to you all
    Nancy K.

  2. Sharley Barringer says:

    This rendition is glorious, and I found myself totally relaxed and at peace with the world and all that is therein!
    Heartfelt thanks to this sextet below, for the magic they create to allow us to float away to the past and try to imagine the future. We are, indeed, blessed to have them in our lives!

    Darlene, Scott, Nancy, Chris, Gerri and Richard

    I love you and appreciate you!


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