Recording remotely has many drawbacks, but one of the benefits is the ability to make music with musicians at a distance. This week’s trio sonata features flute, Sara van der Horst (in the D.C. area), Barrett Seals, oboe (Coast Guard in Connecticut), and me on the harpsichord. Sara is the daughter of Robb and Karen van der Horst, and Barrett has been a regular at St. John’s for many years.

Johann Quantz (January 30, 1697- July 12, 1773) was a German baroque flutist, flute maker, and composer. He wrote a book, “On Playing the Flute,” that is still in publication. He began his career as an oboist, and although very good at several instruments, changed to the flute. A trio sonata is a piece of music written for two treble instruments (melody) and a bass instrument, like cello or bassoon, and harpsichord. Actually, four instruments! This recording is the first movement, Andante.

We thank both Sara and Barrett for giving of their time and playing for us this week, and special thanks to Barrett for putting this all together. Chamber music was meant to be played at home, and we hope you will enjoy this.

Written by Darlene James

3 thoughts on “Trio Sonata in c minor Johann Joachim Quantz

  1. Ellen Kennedy says:

    This was so beautiful! I have really enjoyed all the musical offerings you have posted. Thanks to everyone who planned & performed them.

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