Sunday, November 14
9 a.m. (Adult Forum) | 
Parish Hall

The MVAMP (Ministry for Veterans & Active Duty Military Personnel), which focuses on assisting active duty and veterans, will host a one-hour program. The topic will be the resettlement of refugees, following the news of the collapse of the government of Afghanistan—especially the plight of numerous translators, pilots, and others who assisted US troops and defended their country over the last two decades. Our MVAMP has joined forces with TVSU (The Valley Stands Up), which has become a “co-sponsor” of a family moving to Middletown. Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, known as IRIS, is a New Haven-based agency that assists these efforts. According to IRIS: “We need help, and that help is coming from many private citizens — volunteers, church members, people from synagogues, mosques, Rotary Clubs, universities, or just people off the street who want to help.” In addition, IRIS notes: “These entities are forming groups, getting some training, and refugee families are placed with them. “Bravo for volunteers of America who have stepped forward to help us through this crisis.”

Please join us for refreshments and a panel discussion, including Ed Shyloski—-MVAMP Chair; Joel Wesch (who served as a Major, USAF); and Dr. Mark Pierce, Head of TVSU, to learn more and find out what you can do. If you would like to help, reach out to Ed Shyloski, Jack Fiedler, Marlene Going, or Charlie & Maggie Walden, or access or