our vestry

the heart of the congregation

The Vestry is responsible for the parish’s business affairs and represents the congregation in every area of decision-making. Vestry members are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting that is held in June, and members typically serve three year terms. The Vestry meets on the third Wednesday of every month from September through June.


Dan Taylor-Stypa

Senior warden

Scott Konrad

Junior warden

David Rogers


Anne Littlefield

Term 2022-2023

the vestry

Carol Beisser

Class of 2022-2025

Stephanie Patterson

class of 2023-2025

Rob van der Horst

Class of 2022-2025

Nat Eddy

Class of 2023-2026

Ellen Pfarr

Class of 2022-2024

Sandy Loether

Class of 2022-2025

Patti Pickering

class of 2023-2026

James Myslik

Class of 2023-2024

Patricia Pittsinger

Class of 2022-2024

delegates & alternates

Jim Myslik


Patricia Pittsinger


Mark Hedge-Terreri

Alternate delegate

Kirsten Wendell

Alternate Delegate