Nominations for vestry

Our church values the input of our membership; transparency and open opportunity to serve are touchstones of our faith community.

Rev. Kate and members of the Nominations Committee seek to fill eight positions at the upcoming Annual Meeting on January 29th from 9-10 AM. We will provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of vestry members as well as discussing what it means to serve as a delegate to diocesan conventions.

This committee is seeking nominees for the following positions:

  • For the vestry: three at-large vestry members to serve 3-year terms ending January 2026;
  • For the vestry: four officer positions, two wardens, treasurer, and clerk, each to serve one-year terms ending January 2024;
  • For Diocesan Convention: two delegates. Two delegates elected in 2022 will serve as delegates in 2023. In January 2023, the parish elects two more delegates to 2-year terms, functioning as alternates in 2023 and then moving into the role of delegates in 2024.

We are seeking a clerk for a one-year term. This term will end in 2024, but can be up to a three-year term, with re-election each year. The clerk attends all vestry meetings and is responsible for taking the minutes and getting them out to the Vestry in a timely manner. The clerk also attends the executive board meetings and prepares the agenda for the monthly vestry meetings. They are also responsible for posting the annual meeting and any other parish meetings that may occur during the year. Computer skills and organization are essential for this role.

We have candidates for treasurer and one of the warden positions.

We are seeking one more candidate interested in serving as a warden. This is a one-year term with tradition holding that each warden serves in the role for two consecutive terms.

If you feel you are called or know of someone you believe should be considered for one of these ministries and would like the Nominating Committee to know of that interest, please contact the Rev. Kate Wesch at no later than Wednesday, November 16th at 5:00 p.m.

Vestry: Responsibilities and Qualifications

Vestry: In general, what are the responsibilities of the Vestry?According to the Diocesan Canons of the Episcopal Church in CT. (ECCT),


Members of the Vestry:

  • are agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters relating to its corporate property and relations of the Parish to the Clergy.
  • direct, manage, and control the business affairs of the Parish, with the exception of borrowing or lending money and the disposition of Parish real estate which are controlled by a vote of the Parish.
  • support Parish ministries through the encouragement of parishioner involvement, support of Ministry leadership, and oversight of the financial needs of the Ministry.
  • avoid conflicts of interest in representing the Parish.