Advent Lessons and Carols

Sunday December 11, at 5 PM


As we enter the season of Advent, we look forward to annual traditions that help us anticipate the birth of the Christ Child. One such tradition is the beautiful service of Advent Lessons and Carols. This service is intended to prepare and focus us on the expected coming of Christ rather than the celebration of Christmas. Advent Lessons and Carols service contains rich choral music, hymns, and anthems, interspersed between scripture. It is part of many rich traditions celebrated around the world during this season.

In 1934, Eric Milner-White, Dean of York, created A Procession with Carols on Advent Sunday for use at King’s College, Cambridge, and based it on his earlier Lessons and Carols for Christmas. In his preface to this new service, Milner-White wrote: “In the old English liturgies, the Advent Offices made a preparation for the coming of our Lord to this earth far more vivid and eager than those of our present Prayer Book. So an Advent Carol Service, if without precedent, is not without suitability, if it helps to express ‘the desire of all nations and ages.’”

We look forward to a beautiful evening service of scripture and song and hope this time will bring you a rich sense of God’s love and presence this Advent season.