On All Saints’ Day we remember our departed loved ones. We’ll honor them throughout October by adding photos and names to the Altar and Book of Remembrance. During the liturgy on All Saints’ Day, we’ll recite the Parish Necrology at all services.


Take this opportunity to honor family and friends who have passed away. We’ll celebrate both the lives we knew and those unfamiliar to us, rejoicing with the saints in heaven.



On Sunday, November 5th, across all services, we’ll commemorate our departed loved ones by reading the Parish Necrology, remembering those who have died in the past year.



Please bring photos of loved ones who have died and adorn our Altar of Remembrance. Ensure your name is on the back for return.

All Saints’ Day Potluck Brunch and Coffee Hour

While we remember the faithful departed in our prayers this day, we also invite you to remember your departed loved ones in the sharing of fellowship and food. All three services (8:00 AM, 10:15 AM, & 5:00 PM) will have Coffee Hour immediately following.

At this Coffee Hour, we invite you to bring a sample of a favorite dish that reminds you of someone you have lost. It might be your mother’s cookie recipe or a grandparent’s casserole. Think about the tastes and smells associated with a beloved friend or family member and share those with us.

When Rev. Kate thinks about her grandmother, she fondly remember the individual-sized lemon chess pies she made for Thanksgiving every year. They were her favorite! She loved to eat one for breakfast in her kitchen the day after Thanksgiving while they drank tea together.