Middlesex Habitat for Humanity is thrilled to announce their nineteenth house build, The Brown Street, Middletown Build! This project marks a significant step forward in their mission as they’ve researched ways to speed up their house-building process and ultimately build more homes. The Brown Street home will be a compact, single-story, three-bedroom, highly efficient, and durable home with lower utility and maintenance costs. It’s designed to meet Energy Star standards, featuring energy-efficient insulation, heating equipment, lighting, and appliances and a roof oriented for future solar panel installation.

But the most exciting part is that their partnering with Shoreline Modular Homes, a trusted name in modular home construction since 1963. Building with modular construction offers numerous advantages, including better materials and equipment, reduced costs, guaranteed price and delivery date, climate-controlled construction, no weather delays, and increased energy efficiency.

Modular homes are built to withstand transportation and contain 30% more lumber than traditional housing. They must also pass rigorous third-party inspections during the building process and are constructed to meet or exceed all standardized state building codes. Additionally, modular construction reduces move-in time significantly, as the home arrives 85% complete after concurrent foundation and site work occurs at the home site. This translates to quicker move-in times for the people we work with.

With the diversity of building methods available today, they strongly feel that choosing modular construction for the Brown Street, Middletown Build will provide the best quality. Their research says this home will be stronger, better designed and built with more energy-efficient than any other method.

They’re not quite ready to have volunteers sign up yet, but will be looking for enthusiastic individuals to join them in this innovative project. Whether you’re skilled in construction or just eager to lend a hand, together, together we’ll make a lasting impact on our community and provide a household with a safe, affordable place to call home. Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved and help them build dreams!

To learn about the application process, please visit here. If you cannot attend or the information meeting has passed, please contact Middlesex Habitat for Humanity: here. Applicants must submit all applications by 4 pm on Friday, June 28, 2024, regardless of when they picked them up.

Looking for a fulfilling and flexible job that allows you to make a difference in your community? MHFH has just the opportunity for you!

Join their ReStore team as the new Floor Supervisor! This role could be perfect if you’re passionate about retail or enjoy helping others. The ReStore Floor Supervisor participates in all aspects of the store’s retail operation. Responsibilities include training, leading, and supporting staff and volunteers, serving as Manager on Duty in the absence of other Managers, providing excellent customer service to increase sales, and stewarding donors, customers, and volunteers. Strong leadership, communication skills, and a dedication to customer service are essential. Enjoy daytime shifts, Sundays off, and flexible hours, ensuring an outstanding work-life balance. To apply, email your resume to Brandan Stefurak at bstefurak@habitatmiddlesex.org.