Rev. Kate, Allison Fresher, and our youth acolytes were invited to celebrate the consecration of The Episcopal Church’s newest bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Mello, bishop of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut this month. Our Liturgical Coordinator, Allison Fresher served during the service alongside our youth acolytes, Tristan, Phoebe, and Lucas. Below are photos from the celebration and reflections form our youth acolytes.

“Personally, what the consecration of Bishop Jeffrey William Mello meant to me was the sense of community I got from the event and how it felt like I was part of something bigger and important. It was so wonderful how inclusive the event was, with different types of music integrating cultural tunes with classic hymns and languages, creating this unified community that felt like a family. Even though many people I met were strangers, I felt comfortable with them and welcomed; it was a feeling I had rarely experienced. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this historical event and honored that we were able to be a part of the gospel procession. This entire event was very meaningful and something I will never forget.” —Tristan 

“I am grateful to have participated in the ceremony for the Ordination of our new Bishop, Jeffrey Mello and honored to have been asked to do so. The experience is one that I will always remember. The ceremony made me think a lot about my spiritual journey which is evolving as I participate and learn more about Christianity both by attending services at St. Johns and in my studies. The energy of the attendees and the pageantry combined with the various music selections seemed to invite the holy spirit into the room. One take away from listening to the sermon for me was the idea of Joy and the importance of joy in my relationship with God. Additionally, watching the Bishop’s commitment to God and his church was a motivation for me to continue on my spiritual journey.”—Lucas 

“It was very meaningful for me to represent St. John’s at a state-wide historical event. I was able to participate with kids from different churches around the state. I loved how I was able to learn what it is like to be part of something this big and special. It was also interesting to see how you become a bishop. The gospel reading was really fun because of all the different languages that were used.”—Phoebe 

Photo credits: All photos of our acolytes were sent in by their families.