Connecticut Public has released a five-part series that explores the history of slavery in Connecticut through interviews with descendants, historians, and volunteer researchers. It has aired on WNPR in March.

The series is co-produced by Diane Orson, long-time host of Morning Edition. Diane is also an accomplished violinist and was one of the first people to perform Sawney Freeman’s music for the first time in over two hundred years at St. John’s Witness Stone dedication for Violet on All Saints 2022.

Our educational event and Sawney’s music inspired her to create this project. The fourth installment tells the story of Sawney Freeman and his music, including interviews with Anthony Pandolfe and Jim Myslik. Sawney’s music, transcribed by Anthony, was recorded by professional musicians, including Ilmar Gavilan, the principal violinist of the Harlem Quartet. It accompanies the series throughout all five episodes. These recordings were co-funded by Connecticut Public and St. John’s through a grant from the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

If you missed Sawney’s story, please save this link to watch: